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Abundantia: goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune Aequitas: goddess of fair dealing Aesculapius: god of healing and medicinal arts Aeternitas: personification of eternity Annona: personification of the annual food supply Bonus Eventus: god of success in enterprise

Ceres: corn goddess Clementia: goddess of mercy and clemency



Concordia: goddess of harmony and peace Constantia:personnification of steadiness Diana: moon goddess and goddess of woodlands, also goddess of fertility and childbirth Fecunditas: personification of fertility

Felicitas: goddess of good luck and happiness Fides: goddess of good faith, honesty and oaths



Fortuna: goddess of fate and chance, earlier of prosperity Genius: protective god or spirit of individuals, clans, groups and the state Hercules: god of merchants and traders for the romans Honos: god of military honour

Janus: god of passage, of doorways (januae), archways (jani), and of beginnings and endings Juno: chief roman goddess Jupiter: chief roman god



Justitia: goddess of justice Juventas: goddess of youth, particularly young men of military age Laetitia: godess of happiness and

Liberalitas: god of generosity



Libertas: goddess of freedom and constitutional government Mars: god of war Mercury: messenger god and god of merchants and travellers Minerva: goddess of war Moneta: goddess of prosperity

Neptune: god of the sea

Pax: goddess of peace


Pietas: goddess personifying respect and fidelity to gods



Providentia: goddess of forethought Pudicitia: goddess of chastity Roma: goddess personifying the city of Rome

Salus: goddess of public safety and welfare Securitas: personification of security Sol: sun god Spes: goddess of hope Venus: goddess of love and beauty Vesta: goddess of the hearth


Victoria: goddess of victory



Virtus: god of manly courage and military prowess